CSO Services

The Chief Security Officer (CSO) is an increasingly important stakeholder in enterprise viability and profitability. To be successful CSOs must bring together many important skill sets that include (1) executive leadership and coaching skills; (2) business knowledge and acumen; (3) vision and awareness of industry trends practice, policy, and technology; (4) understanding and adaptation to changing information technology and security requirements; (5) organizational behavior and personnel management skills; (6) and last, but not least, sufficient political aptitude to navigate the sea of fiefdoms from law enforcement, to military, to political boundaries.

Sikyur.com can assist the newly appointed CSO, the CSO in transition, and the CSO who wants to mitigate their operating risk by applying one or more of Sikyur.com's menu of CSO services that include:

  1. Part-time CSO
  2. CSO advisor and mentor
  3. CSO global operations dashboarding and decision-making information support                                
  4. Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) support services including security market research
  5. CSO Enterprise Risk and Operation Assessments
  6. Security systems assessments; Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) reviews; Situational Crime Prevention studies, and design-build of Security systems (central station, cctv, access control, perimeter security) 
  7. CSO troubleshooting and Owners- Representative Project Management
  8. CSO support services in Training, Policies, Procedures, Guidelines & Documentation
  9. Pain-centered troubleshooting and solution development for CSOs
  10. New since 3/31/08, design-build services, including "Owners Representative" construction management services for remote monitoring solutions for video, access control, building controls, and other SCADA appliances