About Sikurity

Sikurity LLC is focused on serving the professional and personal needs of the Chief Security Officer (CSO) and their direct reports. The aim of Sikyurity is `to show what is right` in security.  The rapidly rising importance of the CSO in the global enterprise accompanied with the day-to-day challenges of convergence of traditional physical security systems and programs into the information technology age has created a security management leadership and training gap that Sikyur seeks to fill.  From CSO coaching, to enterprise risk assessments, to development of CSO monitoring dashboards and agentless automated reporting systems, Sikurity seeks to be the premier go to source for CSO advisory services and tools.

 Sikurity's primary clients are:

  • Chief Security Officers (CSO)s
  • Direct-reports to CSOs
  • Other C-level officers
  • Boards of Directors
  • Mergers & Acquisitions stakeholders requiring enterprise security due diligence and security technology viability reviews

Sikurity.com, is the website of a business entity known as Sikurity LLC, formed 11/11/11.  Sikurity was founded by Severin L. Sorensen, CPP, a serial entrepreneur who is a former Chairman of the Physical Security Council of ASIS International (2006-2007), the world's largest security manager association with 37,000 members.  Mr. Sorensen, in his leadership at ASIS, and his private security management consulting practice since 1987, has identified an increasingly widening gap of information, tools, and know-how to assist senior level-security professionals, and in particular, the Chief Security Officers and their direct-reports adapt to changing environments of risk, regulation, and information technology convergence that are rapidly reshaping the security field. 

Sikurity's commitment to excellence and its diversified product range will continue to grow by following industry and technology trends, improving our standard products and services, and listening to customers -- the Chief Security Officers (CSO).