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11/11/11. Park City, UT.  Sikurity LLC, a new Utah LLC, was founded on this historic date, and Sikurity will continue the industry leading security management consulting operations and innovative services provided by Severin Sorensen, CPP.  Mr. Sorensen relocated his home to Park City, UT in August 2009, and has been managing the operations of the former Sikyur LLC from this mountain location.  The timing was right to move Maryland operations to Utah permanently.  Consequently, Sikurity LLC, is a Utah company, and replaces the work efforts and attention of Sorensen on the former Sikyur LLC, a Maryland company, that was founded 3/31/07 and operated actively through 11/07/11; the former Maryland company is being wound down in an orderly manner.

9/05/11. Park City, UT.  Sikyur was retained to conduct a security industry deep-dive on video management systems and SaaS service opportunities in hosted video niche markets.

6/04/11 thru 10/20/11. Severin Sorensen, CPP, president of Sikyur LLC, was invited to participate as a subject-matter expert on security matters in a panel program provided at Anixter's Networking and Server Station Seminar Series in New York City, San Francisco, Raleigh, Washington DC, and Dallas.

5/01/11.  Park City, UT.  Sikyur President, Severin Sorensen, CPP, advised his clients this month that it was imperative to implement price increases now to prevent profit creep from anticipated rising inflation.  Leading the way, Sikyur LLC  raised its own rate card for the first time in 18 months, with price increases on senior security consultants, as the research and experience is showing that the risks of operation are increasing, the number of consultants that truly know their material is decreasing, and the risks of litigation are increasing in the industry.  The provision of security consulting services is an 'inelastic' good, meaning that lowering the price of services does not create more demand, and contrastingly, increasing the price of services does not inordinately reduce demand, particularly for those clients that need mission critical advice on business operations.  Sikyur is not for everybody, but we are definitely for those that strive to be market leaders.  There is an ancient adage, "the strong do what they can, the weak suffer what they must." Sikyur is strong, focused, and uniquely qualified for specific industry tasks.  The 'best' is good enough, on budget.

4/30/11. Park City, UT.  Sikyur was retained to conduct a security industry deep-dive on Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Quick-Service Restaurants (QSR)  remote video monitoring markets, players, niches, and market opportunities.

10/29/10.  New York, NY.  Sikyur LLC President, Severin Sorensen, CPP, was a presenter at the NY Neighborhood Revitalization Conference (Affordable Housing), hosted at the New York University Law School, speaking on the topic of Crime Free Housing Design.

10/13/10. Dallas, TX. Sikyur LLC President, Severin Sorensen, CPP, was a co-presenter on "Innovation or Confusion", presented to security systems integrators and security managers at ASIS International annual seminar and exhibits.  Co-presenters with Sorensen were Fredrik Nilsson, President, North America, Axis Communications, and Charlie Pierce, Leapfrog Training.

9/30/10. Allentown, PA.  Sikyur LLC President, Severin Sorensen, CPP, presented a presentation on Economic Misery and Crime Waves to the Leigh Valley Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

9/23/10. Salt Lake City, UT. Sikyur LLC President, Severin Sorensen, CPP, presented a presentation on Economic Misery and Crime Waves to the Utah Chapter of ASIS International, hosted at the historic Lion House, Temple Square.

8/11/10.  The economic condition continues to languish with a growing number of economists forecasting a double dip.  Business leaders need to revisit their tool house and sharpen their saws, as a new round of restructuring and transformation is in the future.  Sorensen recently visited the Stanford University Bookstore to cull through titles on business management that provide some crosswalks for leaders looking for direction in this market; Four book titles on the shelves of the Stanford bookstore seemed most appropriate for these times: (1) Balanced Scorecard Diagnostics by Paul Niven; Rapid Transformation by Behnam Tabrizi; The Extrordinary Coach by John Zenger; and The Inspiring Leader by John Zenger and Jospeh Folkman.

5/01/10.  Sikyur Twitter Link added. 

4/01/10.  LinkedIn member profile of Sikyur LLC president, Severin Sorensen, CPP, is online at: 

2/23/10. Security Systems News. The death of mom-and-pop central station' imminent? 
By Daniel Gelinas. 

2/02/10. Delray Beach, FL.  Sikyur LLC President Severin Sorensen, CPP, was one of three featured panelists at the openning plennary session of the IP security trends and technology during the Axis Communications panel at Tech Sec. Sorensen joined Fredrik Nilsson (Axis Communications) and Charlie Pierce (Leapfrog Communications) and spoke about data visualization, embedded computing devices, and cloud computing trends in video surveillance.

1/20/10. Alexandria, VA.  Sikyur LLC President Severin Sorensen, CPP was an invited participant in the Professional Security Professional (PSP) job analysis review convened during the annual ASIS leadership summit. The PSP and CPP job analyses are reviewed periodically (typically every 3-5 years) to ensure that the certifications are reflective of the current core body of knowledge and practices used routinely in the security industry.

12/7-9/09.  Orlando, FL.  Sikyur LLC President Severin Sorensen, CPP, was chairman of the Security Force Management Workshop, of ASIS International. Beyond developing the program, Mr. Sorensen taught best practices in security force management, security metrics, security monitoring practices, and technology related security management tools.

11/16-19/09.  Philadelphia, PA.  Sikyur LLC President Severin Sorensen, CPP, was the academic program advisor for the Asset Protection Course 1: Concepts and Methods (APC-1); beyond overall course management, Sorensen taught access control, video surveillance, CPTED, and standard operating procedures.

10/19-20/09.  Hershey, PA.  Sikyur LLC President Severin Sorensen, CPP, was a featured presenter and trainer at the 2009 Roy Bordes Chapter Award Training Workshop sponsored by ASIS Foundation.

9/21/09. Anaheim, CA. Severin Sorensen, CPP, Sikyur LLC, releases his new book on Economic Misery and Crime Waves (2009) at ASIS International. 

12/07/08. New Orleans. president Severin Sorensen, CPP to speak at the ASIS International Security Guard Force Management Workshop this week in New Orleans on the topics of remote administered guard force services and central station management.  Severin Sorensen, CPP, will also provide leadership for this workshop in 2009 as Program Chairman.

10/22/08.  New Orleans, LA.  Severin Sorensen, CPP, president of Sikyur LLC, trained security managers on cctv best practices at that 2008 Advanced Video Surveillance Workshop hosted by ASIS International.  Beyond organizing the workshop, Mr. Sorensen provided an industry market overview - post September 15, 2008, and other salient cctv video specification, management, and design topics.  Sorensen closed his presentations with a review of current International privacy laws and constraints on the use of video in security applications.

10/16/08. Alexandria, VA.  Severin Sorensen, CPP, president of Sikyur LLC, was recently invited to serve on a committee of five security industry leaders on the ASIS International Political Action Committee, named ASIS International PAC.  The Political Action Committee is responsible for raising awareness, funds, and support for security industry issues with Congress and other political leaders and institutions.

10/15/08. Gaithersburg, MD.  Severin Sorensen, CPP and Sikyur LLC launched two blogs today.  The first blog covers current events on new and emerging issues in security and technology visit our Sikyuity Blog.  A second blog was created for a specific discussion about the predicted crime wave that will accompany the 2008 financial market crash visit the Second Depression Crime Wave blog.

7/09/08. Alexandria, VA.  ASIS International announced today that it will be sponsoring an advanced workshop on CCTV - From Analog to Digital Video: Applications and
Advances in Surveillance, October 20-23, 2008, New Orleans, Louisiana.
   Severin Sorensen, CPP, former Chairman of the ASIS Physical Security Council will Chairman and program director of the workshop.This educational program focuses on video systems, video analytics, video system management, and systems installation best practices. 

7/09/08. Boston, MA. president Severin Sorensen, CPP, was in Boston today training corporate and government security industry managers on Trends in Access Control and Video Surveillance Technology the Physical Security: Advanced Applications and Technologies Workshop held in Boston, MA, July 7-9, 2008.  

3/31/08.  Gaithersburg, MD. announced today that effective immediately the company will offer remote video monitoring and related consulting services on remote video monitoring practices, procedures, and central station services.  On background, Sikyur's president Severin Sorensen, CPP, was the former founder of a security systems integration and monitoring company called Sparta Consulting Corporation that was sold to Westec Interactive Security in July 2005; the restrictive covenants associated with the sale of this former company in terms of non-competition have now lapsed, and Sorensen has announced publicly his re-entry into this exciting market with new monitoring services and technology-refreshed legacy monitoring services.  

7/19/07, Washington, DC. announced today a strategic relationship between and Heidrick & Struggles to enable to provide premier executive search recruiting for Chief Security Officer (CSO) and other key executives.  Specifically, welcomes Bob Edmonds to our Sikyur management consulting team.  Bob Edmonds is the Director of Aerospace, Defense, and Aviation Practice, Heidrick & Struggles. He also leads searches government affairs, lobbying, industrial, and technology areas. Bob will continue his full-time role with Heidrick & Struggles and will be available to clients to meet their CSO executive recruiting requirements. Bob is a former F-15 Eagle pilot, and he held a series of significant positions over his almost 28 years of service, culminating with the rank of Brigadier General. Bob brings extensive experience in the Washington DC market and the aviation and aerospace industry. Since 1991, he partnered with the defense industry to identify the future needs of the armed services, gaining significant expertise and experience from his work with numerous companies andtechnologies. Selected for a White House Fellowship in 1995, Bob was a special assistant to the Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration, a member of President Clinton’s cabinet. He was appointed as a Regional Commissioner for the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships and serves on the board of directors for the White House Fellows Alumni Foundation and Association. Bob received a BS in civil engineering from the USAF Academy, a MS in civil engineering from Columbia University as a Guggenheim Fellow, and a MS in national security strategy from the National War College. He has also attended executive programs at Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government.

7/10/07. Los Angeles, CA. president Severin Sorensen, CPP, was in Los Angeles today training corporate and government security industry managers on current theory and technologies in Outdoor Perimeter Security at the Physical Security: Advanced Applications and Technologies Workshop held in Redondo Beach, CA, July 9-12, 2007.  

5/23/07. Potomac, MD. announced today that it had provided training this week for US Postal Service Inspectors on Physical Security at the USPS Bolger National Training facility in Potomac, MD.  The training was coordinated by USPS and ASIS International and was a part of a year-long series of trainings on security management.  A core trainer in the program, Severin Sorensen, CPP, President and CEO of, instructed the Postal Inspectors on topics of Environmental Criminology, Situational Crime Prevention, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), and Basic Theory and Applications of CCTV; as part of the training the investigators were walk-through calculations of video systems specification and IP bandwidth loading and were provided a Hard-drive Diskspace and Bandwidth specification tool.

5/18/07.  Chicago, IL. announced today that it had provided technical assistance this week to the CIO and IT systems integration project management teamof one of the largest construction management companies operating in the US.  Mr. Sorensen, CPP, President & CEO of, reviewed design and construction documents, commented on technical plans and specifications implemented by others, and suggested specific design modifications that if implemented, could save the client approximately 40% of their construction cost.  Providing salient knowledge and wisdom at critical points along the decision path of project management is an important service offering of, advisor to CSOs and the direct reports, and other C-level executives.  

5/08/07.  San Antonio, TX.  Severin Sorensen, CPP, President of, and Chairman of the ASIS Physical Security Council, presented a presentation today on the topic, "Follow the money: public and private investment in new and emerging technologies with a focus on physical security trends," at the Emerging Trends in Security Conference, sponsored by ASIS International.  For a limited time, the Sorensen conference presentation handouts will be available here to retrieve via download in color or black and white.

5/01/07.  Shanghai, China. announced today that it had completed a preliminary site visit and assessment of security operations and loss prevention requirements for a major retailer operating in China.  In summary, it was recommended that the strategic role of the loss prevention department be re-purposed and expanded with broader focus on asset protection: including people protection, infrastructure protection, protecting the supply chain, and increasing corporate capacity to handle crises and business continuity functions.  Details of the study were not released and are pending review by the client.

4/25/07.  Seattle, WA. released today its upcoming training schedule for senior-level security officers for the next quarter and it includes:

5/08/07.  Emerging Trends and Technology in Physical Security - Sensor R&D Investment Focused, Emerging Trends Conference, ASIS International, San Antonio, TX.

5/22/07.  U.S. Postal Inspector Training on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), US Post Office Training Facility, Potomac, MD.

5/23/07.  U.S. Postal Inspector Training on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Design and Specification, US Post Office Training Facility, Potomac, MD.

7/11/07.  Emerging Trends and Technologies in Access Control and Video Surveillance Systems, Advanced Systems Integration Workshop, ASIS International, Redondo Beach, CA.

8/27/07.  Emerging Trends and Technology in Physical Security - Access Control Focused, 2007 US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) annual conference, Baltimore, MD.

4/24/07.  Physical Security Practice and Premises Liability, Managing Your Physical Security Program, ASIS International Workshop, Seattle.  Download the presentation pdf onPhysical Security Practice and Premises Liability.

4/23/07.  Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Managing Your Physical Security Program, ASIS International Workshop, Seattle.  Download the presentation pdf on Standard Operating Procedures here.

4/23/07. Seattle, WA.'s president to present on three topics this week at ASIS International Workshop on Managing Your Security Program.  Sorensen will present on topics ofSecurity Standards Operating Procedures; Premises Security Liability and Risk Mitigation for Security Managers; Sorensen will also lead the workshop participants in a tabletop exercise to identify key data sources for Security Management Decision-Making Information Tools and Dashboards.

4/09/07.  Washington, DC.'s president to advise DHS on Emerging Trends and Technology in Physical Security at the 2007 DHS annual conference.  Severin L. Sorensen, CPP, President & CEO of, and Chairman of the Physical Security Council of ASIS International, has reached an agreement with the Security Office of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to advise DHS employees and contractors on new and emerging trends in physical security at the 2007 DHS Security Conference and Workshop in Baltimore, MD on August 27, 2007.

4/03/07.  Industry Article.  "Are firms wising up to the business of security?"  Will Sturgeon, wrote in a Special to ZDNet Asia wrote last week that "More companies than ever are employing a dedicated chief security officer (CSO) as the number of threats facing business continue to rise."  Read the entire article by following this link.  This article manifests the timing and industry trend of increasing demand for CSOs that seeks to service, coach, and support.

3/31/07.  Washington, DC., an entrepreneurial start-up was formed to become the premiere security advisor to CSOs, and their direct reports.  Severin Sorensen, CPP, and President of, said that " is focused on serving the professional and personal needs of the Chief Security Officer (CSO) and their direct reports. The aim of is `to show what is right` in security.  The rapidly rising importance of the CSO in the global enterprise accompanied with the day-to-day challenges of convergence of traditional physical security systems and programs into the information technology age has created a security management leadership and training gap that Sikyur seeks to fill.  From CSO coaching, to enterprise risk assessments, to development of CSO monitoring dashboards and agentless automated reporting systems, seeks to be the premier go to source for CSO advisory services and tools."